Manhunt in Downtown Issaquah Still Underway

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As of 8 pm on Monday, April 6, the suspect that has evaded police, K9, and helicopter pursuit for two days has still not been found, while he appears to still be in the vicinity of where he evaded police yesterday.

The manhunt started on Sunday, April 5, when the individual accused of car theft exited his vehicle near the Sunset Way trailhead parking lot, and began running away on foot.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a woman with the suspect, who was apprehended by the Issaquah police. The couple had two dogs who escaped the vehicle, but the dogs (dachshunds) were caught and taken into possession by authorities.

The Issaquah Police alerted residents while the search was underway yesterday, and then called off the search. See twitter thread below. The suspect was identified, but not located, which left residents wondering if it was safe outside with a suspect still on the loose. Police advised using caution, but the suspect wasn’t known to be violent.

Earlier today, during the afternoon of April 6, the suspect was spotted in the second floor of a small business near the location where the car chase ended yesterday, so he was still in the same area. Police began another search, and the helicopter was brought back. Still no arrest.

The second search was also unsuccessful, and Issaquah Police are providing the following guidance.

As the chase continues, we will continue to provide updates. Please follow Issaquah Police on Twitter as well for frequent updates.

The only description of the suspect, provided by Issaquah Police, is:

5’09/175 pounds with blue eyes/glasses, dark jacket, longer hair, dark pants (last seen wearing last night & possibly today).

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