Covid-19 Data for Issaquah as of Friday, April 24

covid19King County Health Department

The King County Department of Health is reporting Covid-19 data on a daily basis.

As of Friday April 24, 1:30 pm, provided by the King County Department of Health website, the current case status numbers are:

King County

Confirmed Cases: 5,689

Deaths: 387 (6.8%)

City of Issaquah

Confirmed Cases: 136

Deaths: 23 (16.9%)

While only available for King County, the statistics show all age groups with cases. For more data (and easier to view), see King County’s Health Department dashboard.

King County Coronavirus Stats

Interested in more dashboards with data from multiple sources? The Verge has a roundup of all the respected Covid-19 data projects, here.


If you need help from the City of Issaquah, please see their Covid-19 information here.

There is a Covid-19 isolation site located in Issaquah, and coverage of that is available here from King 5 News.


As stated on the King County Department of Health website, “Data are updated daily in the early afternoon and reflect laboratory results reported to the Washington State Department of Health as of midnight the day before. Data for previous dates will be updated as new results are entered, interviews are conducted, and data errors are corrected.

Rates reflect the populations tested and may not be representative of illness trends in the general population. Rate of positive test results across various demographic groups will change as more people are tested within each group.

Many people test positive but do not require hospitalization. The counts of positive cases do not necessarily indicate levels of demand at local hospitals.”

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