Local Resident Sewing for First Responders

covid19facemaskfirst responders

Issaquah resident Kurt Schlick began sewing double-layer cotton masks recently to help support the shortfall of emergency supplies for first responders during the Covid-19 outbreak in and around Issaquah.


The feedback on Schlick’s Facebook page from friends and supporters has been very positive.

Schlick started a GoFundMe page to help offset his costs, which are time and material. He estimates making 400 masks averaging $5 per mask. He has already made and given away over 100 masks. Schlick isn’t currently employed due to a medical condition.

Issaquah Daily researched scientific findings on cotton masks as compared to other types, and while not the preferred product, they are known to be effective.

A 2008 study of homemade cloth masks worn by members of the general public, published in PLOS ONE, backs that up, finding that though imperfect, homemade masks can offer some protection against viral particles.

“Is it as good as [masks from] medical grade, quality-controlled, assured storage, temperature-controlled warehouse? Probably not,” Witt says. “Is it good enough? Absolutely.”

Schlick’s masks are washable, and reversible.

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