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Recommendations Proposed for Issaquah Light Rail

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Voters previously approved the Sound Transit 3 Plan, which adds 62 new miles of light rail with stations serving 37 additional areas for a regional system reaching 116 miles, five times larger than it is today, reaching central Issaquah. Construction to Issaquah is currently anticipated to be complete by year 2041, with a total cost in the billions of dollars.

Recently, The Urbanist published a column proposing recommendations on how to improve the Issaquah plans. The article says, “so instead of pouring billions into a Purple Line that’s only half-completed, let’s design one that accommodates future growth and the people that growth brings. It’s important to start planning early for this proposed extension so that the cities can grow into and around light rail.”

The article goes on to talk about possibilities the City of Issaquah Government has opened.

“The City has also opened the possibility of some private redevelopment of some of Olde Town provided that it adheres to some design guidelines. Arguably, many buildings on Front Street can be artfully redeveloped to preserve the neighborhood’s character, while the clean street grid is a source of potential for that redevelopment to be walkable and transit-oriented. The myriad of beautiful trails nearby will certainly benefit new residents and can be enjoyed by more people once connected by transit.”

Read the entire article, here.

To learn more about Sound Transit 3, click here.

To learn more about Sound Transit’s system expansion from Kirkland to Issaquah, click here

And for Sound Transit planning documents for the system expansion from Kirkland to Issaquah, click here.



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