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Issaquah Teens Launch Online Tutoring Program

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As Coronovirus began to impact Issaquah’s community and education system, a group of Issaquah High School students got together to address a need they saw.

As Issaquah schools began to close down and classes moved online, a group of students didn’t want COVID-19 to limit their education. To support struggling students and overwhelmed parents, they founded TEAM United, a nonprofit organization focused on providing free 1:1 peer support to K-12 students across any subject. Rapidly mobilizing a youth-led coalition, Team United quickly amassed over 60 volunteer tutors, including some from outside of Washington State with volunteers joining from across the country.

Team United’s work is equity-focused and community-centered. With many parents struggling to support their children in this unprecedented time, TEAM United is able to provide some relief. With a robust peer tutoring network, they can offer a ready aid.

To learn more, visit Team United’s website.

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